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Branding, Logos, Graphics, Fleet

Custom Logos & Graphics

Let us help you with a simple company decal that can be used on all the equipment, trucks, and support machines in your fleet. We frequently work with companies that purchase decals in quantities of 50 or 100 and in multiple sizes, so a single recognizable and memorable design can be used to brand and identify everything you own.  And if you're looking for something bolder and more attention-grabbing, we can work with you on that also.  A fleet branding strategy will develop the trust if current and prospective customers in who you are, what you can do and the way you'll come through. Proper branding doesn't have to be flashy or "in your face", unless you want it to be.  It can be tasteful and convey a message of professional capability, reliability, and steadfast commitment to deliver. Let us help you build out your brand and connect with prospects through a visible and recognizable image.

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US DOT, ICC MC, Licensure, GVW, and other types of Compliance Identity Numbers

Compliance Numbers

Everyone needs some basics. These are the essentials which help every fleet to comply with various DOT regulations and identify one unit from the next. Running out of essential DOT, ICC, and other permit numbers isn't only inconvenient; it can be very expensive and even cause delays when you send that newly purchased truck down the road without the proper identifying numbers only to be pulled over at a routine check point and come up wanting. The lack of a few dollars' worth of decals can cost you a bundle of money and even worse, may delay a load. Do a walk around of your trucks and trailers to be sure everything is in place and sized according to code. And stock some extras for that truck you might add next month or the owner operator you'll hire on next week. 

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Truck ID, Truck Numbers, Fleet Numbers, Fleet ID

Fleet Numbers

Want to be sure that the right trailer gets to the right destination and is carrying  the correct load? Trailer unit numbers help with that. Each trailer should display numbers both inside and out which can easily be read from a distance by yard drivers, forklift operators, and the OTR driver who will pick up the trailer and get it to it's destination. Highly visible unit numbers which can be seen from all sides and can be seen with rear doors open or closed and from the front of a row of trailers, IS ESSENTIAL when seeking to eliminate shipping errors and speed up the loading and unloading time. Why take chances. Eliminate reasons AND excuses. Let us help you to properly and clearly identify each trailer you use.  

Want to be sure that your mechanics service the correct truck or are diagnosing the right truck for a driver-reported problem?  Want your drivers to "KNOW" they're taking out the right truck today? Make sure your trucks or tractors or equipment  are all properly and clearly identified with easily read and attractive unit numbers. 

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Truck Leased and Operated By Decals

Leased & Operated By Decals

f your company hires owner operators by the load or if you are a broker who used owner operators you will likely need short term identification decals that display the name of the carrier along with their permit numbers. You'll need to issue them to drivers hauling for you. Keep a supply of decals on hand for just this purpose. We can use short-term or durable adhesive depending on the application. In that way drivers will be able to quickly and easily remove your identifying decals after a haul, or if they want to lease on with you for a few months, a decal will hold up to weather and routine washing. Call to speak with a Fleetcal rep about how we can help to create a sensible and affordable solution to your short-term hire-on needs. Keep a stock of these temporary graphics on hand so you're ready to overnight them to truck owners waiting at a truck stop or freight terminal.  Let us help you to help your drivers. d info...


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White and Red Reflective Tape for Trucks and Trailers

US DOT Reflective Striping

It's basic but it's required. Reflective striping is required. And it's required because in matters and it works. When and how? When a driver pulls off the road to rest at night or pulls off at an exit ramp to wait for an early morning delivery time. The sun isn't yet up, but other motorists are., Some coming home from work, tired and less than alert. Some driving in to work, and also still a bit groggy and less than alert. Reflective tape can save a life or save equipment damage. It's true for parked trucks, trailers, and even construction equipment. Put the odds in your favor by favoring safety through visibility. Let us help you with "out of the box" reflective DOT regulation tape and with other reflective graphics and products that can harness the power of light to be seen in time. 

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Safety Decals, Signs, Labels, Warning Decals, Warning Labels, Warning Signs

Safety & Warning Labels

You started this company 30 years ago with 1 truck, and idea and a dream. Or maybe you're the head of safety but with years of experience now under your belt, you've forgotten a few of the things which you were lucky enough to get away with when you were a rookie and unaware. Maybe your newly recruited driver has years of experience with driving, but now delivering what your company delivers using the equipment your company owns. What today seems obvious to you may not be to many of your younger or newer drivers. Let's not risk injury or death, equipment damage, property destruction or a damaged load. Tell drivers, yard jockeys, PM service techs and others who work on, work with, or use your equipment what they need to know. Safety, Warning and Instruction decals that are easily seen and easily understood, serve to inform, advise and warn everyone about what to do, what not to do and why. They are a part of EVERY safety manager's took kit. And when post incident inspection takes place, they're also your best friend when a someone says, "they didn't know and they were not trained or advised". Let your insurance carrier, your drivers, your mechanics and the motoring public know that safety and equipment knowledge are "the way you roll. 


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Trailer Length, Trailer Height

Length & Height Decals

It's the moment of decision. Your driver finds himself off route due to road construction and is now on side road in the city, trying to get to a stop on time. And there is appears. An overpass for a elevated line. It's pretty low. It's concerning. There's a rusted but visible sign warning of the height restriction. The sign on the overpass is clear, so your driver looks in his mirror to check again for the trailer clearance. But there's nothing. The last trailer he picked up had a clear placard with the trailer height. This one? Nothing. He checks his backpack for a tape measure. Knowing full well that the traffic behind him won't appreciate him stopping in the middle of the road to check the trailer height. It doesn't matter what the motorists might think. There's no tape measure. Now what? It will probably clear, right? 

The call comes through to the dispatcher. One of your trucks is wedged into an overpass. Tire deflation might get it "unstuck" but it won't fix the damage to the trailer, the potential damage to the structure, and it certainly won't get the load there on time. 

Isn't it time to have all your trucks and trailers marked clearly with critical information about height, length, weight restrictions, loading requirements and more? Let's work together to get this done. Sure, it will be a bit time consuming for you and might seem like an unnecessary expense. Until a scenario like the one above unfolds in real time with real drivers on real roads. 

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Wide Turn, This Truck Makes Wide Turns Decals, Signs

Caution Wide Turn Decals

These familiar decals can be spotted on the rear doors of trailers nationwide. They remind any inexperienced or distracted driver following behind that it's unsafe to "sneak by" on the right side of a truck that's swinging left to turn right. But these ever-so-common decals only server their intended purpose if they don't blend in and are not taken for granted. If you use these cautionary decals to alert motorists and keep your accident rates low, then don't you want them to work, not just to be there?

Let us create bold and highly visible motorist warning decals for this and many other motorist advisory application.  After all, warnings only work if people see them, read them, think about them and follow the warning. It all starts with a highly visible and attention-grabbing decal. 


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How Is My Driving Decal with Phone Number

How's My Driving Decals

It's true that some drivers would rather you not have a decal like this on the back of your trailers or trucks.  But for safety of all motorists on the roadways, for your own peace of mind and in order to preserve the best insurance rates, don't YOU - the fleet manager - really WANT TO KNOW how your drivers are doing?   And not just the bad news. Give others a chance to praise one of your drivers for exceptional courtesy, for avoiding or even preventing an accident, or just being kind. 

Signage like this promotes a healthy driver accountability and marks your fleet as one that cares about roadway safety and courtesy.  But none of that is true if your trailers are not marked as such, or if the decal is so generic and common that the person who has just had ether a horrible encounter with one of your drivers or has just been helped by one doesn't bother to call because they don't think it will matter.  Let's solve this problem together. Let us custom design an invitation to other motorists to really and truly let you know how your drivers are performing when others can see but you cannot. 

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GPS Monitoring Decals, Labels, Signs

GPS Monitored Decals

We've all been there at one time or another. Behind a driver who actually obeys the limits and follows the rules or drives in a way the conserves fuel and is easier on the vehicle. And still, sometimes we're impatient and become frustrated with those who are actually doing the right thing. There is NO DECAL that can remove all impatience or invite others to be patient as well or not to tailgate or not to attempt passing when the risk is great. A decal just can't do that. But it can remind fellow motorists that your drivers are doing their best to be safe, courteous and compliant, and that your equipment is equipped to do just that. Can a decal change the world? Probably not. But maybe it can change the attitude of a few motorists following behind your trucks. 


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Pre-Trip Inspection Decals, Labels, Signs

Daily Pre-Check Decals

Do you have a set of expectations or a code of conduct which your drivers are expected to follow? Frequently, drivers and the last but best line of defense to prevent accidents or breakdowns. Sometimes it's the simplest things that can trip us up. A turn signal that doesn't work, a trailer that isn't properly connected, a soft tire that could be easily addressed at the yard before departing, or confirmation that all proper documentation about the truck, the trailer, the driver and the load is on hand and will leave the yard with the driver. What about reporting damaged or non-functioning equipment?  It's true. A driver might very well be the best set of eyes and the last line of defense that ensures loads will arrive on time, everyone will see their families that evening, and unnecessary equipment damage is avoided. Together, let's do a review of your pre-trip, post-trip and during-trip protocols and create some simple guidelines which that everything which should be done is plainly visible where a drive will see it with each load that leaves the yard. 

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Air Ride Equipped Trailer Decals, Labels, Signs

Air Ride Equipped Decals

This might seem like an odd thing to promote, but do you know who cares how someone else's freight is being handled your you? Your next prospective customer. Do you have a fleet of specially equipped trucks or trailers that can ensure that shippers products arrive as they should? Why not promote that boldly on the units so equipped. Set a standard. Stand out from the herd. You've invested in equipment that's serving your existing customers well. Why not tell prospects that your fleet is "the one that can and does get it done and done right". 


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Premium Quality Vinyl

Use this swatch table to determine what color(s) you need for your project. Let us know if you don't see the color you're looking for. We have many other options available!

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